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"I offer full-service bookkeeping that keeps your books neat, orderly, accurate and connected with other functions of your accounting and business needs. I'm proficient in QuickBooks Online, Peachtree, Sage, Xero and many other popular bookkeeping software solutions. I know how important it is to maintain an orderly accounting system, and I’d love to hear from you and help with your bookkeeping services!"


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The Advantages of having a certified public accountant in charge of your bookkeeping.

When it comes to making a choice as to who handles your bookkeeping, it’s critical that you have clear and consistent accounting practices. Choosing a highly competent certified public accountant is a wise decision that will help mitigate foreseeable problems down the road that are often the result of less credentialed individuals operating in a bookkeeping capacity. Too many business owners build valuable businesses and cut corners when it comes to managing the books--like the cheapest option out there. I understand that you're in business to provide goods and or services, and that keeping the books isn't a profitable business activity. There are many options out there when you search for a virtual bookkeeper, such as overseas bookkeeping services that employ dirt cheap bookkeepers which can get you into hot water with the IRS.

Having a CPA who prepares your taxes can help keep things straight along the way and assist you in executing your tax strategy that minimizes your income tax liabilities both on the personal and business sides. It's well understood by many that a CPA will save you farm more than they cost. I'm used to hearing from new clients who contact me about cleaning up their books, because whoever was charged with bookkeeping made a mess of it.  Get in touch and let's discuss how I can help you with your accounting at a reasonable cost.

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Audra has served a multitude of individuals and businesses in various stages and industries, by taking charge of accounting and financial requirements. That way you can focus your energy on what matters the most.

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Audra aims to please her clients.  Her five-star ratings and reviews speak for themselves

Audra takes a one-on-one approach to intimately understand and strategically assess the business needs of every client.
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Audra is a CPA licensed by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy

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